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Tackling The Liability Challenge On Blockchain

While the blockchain and crypto space is gaining momentum, ventures cannot obtain a proper liability coverage. DAOs' structures solve the entity exposure while transferring the liability, leaving investors, founders and members at risk.
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Ventures nowadays inefficiently lock-up capital for self-insurance. In today's bear market this may not be enough.
Over 200 lawsuits were already handled in 2022 and a blizzard of class-action lawsuits are being prepared.
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Why Get Liability Coverage?

Liability coverage protects individuals from personal losses and claims filed by employees, vendors, competitors, investors, customers, or other parties, for actual or alleged wrongful acts.

With increasing regulations and new employments trends,

each venture MUST get protection from:

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Introducing Legion:A Decentralized Liability Coverage Protocol
Legion lets ventures tailor their own policy and coverage on-chain with no middleman.
Legion introduces a B2B liability protocol that brings together coverage seekers and DeFi investors for mutual benefit.
Legion is the FIRST protocol that enables each venture to protect its contributors, investors and community.
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What We Offer?


Get coverage

Pay premiums

Manage claims


Legal expenses

Employment related claims

Class action lawsuits

SEC and other regulatory fines


Fully decentralized

Tailor made

Risk adjusted

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